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Cinema digital signage is becoming essential in most modern cinema environments today. Digital cinema signage can be used to display movie posters, session times, menu boards at the food court, or digital signs that direct patrons to the appropriate auditorium, Digital cinema signage also provides a special experience at the lobby which gives a wonderful feeling about the cinema space before entering into the movie halls.

ProMidas offers the most sophisticated and capable digital signage platforms for use in cinemas. The software will talk seamlessly with not only the most popular venue management systems ,but also even with custom VMSs. We can also provide digital signage hardware like digital media players and commercial grade digital displays for a complete end-to-end digital signage system for your cinema.

ProMidas signage can work based on the number of Patrons present at the lobby for displaying respective advertisements. So far the advertisers do not know who watched the Signage for how long, all those datas like dwell time, age group, wait time, etc including Real Time Analytics is available with Promidas signage solution.

Most importantly Promidas signage solution can do Programmatic ad selling so new revenue stream is available for the exhibitors through Promidas signage solution.