Luis Wassmann

Spain based manufacturer of world-class range of cinema speakers, with a personal commitment to honor the industry and to deliver a top class product, while enjoying the whole process. Luis Wassmann delivers state-of-the-art modular designed speakers for medium-big cinema complexes, Dolby® Atmos / Barco Auro installations and acoustically challenging venues.

LW 8000 series is Line array specifically designed for Experiencing equal acoustic pressure in every seat of a theater. They also manufacture best of Class D amplifiers to add more power to the speaker. With their huge experience in the Cinema theater front, Luis Wassmann also manufactures speakers to deliver the same experience at home with their Aurea , Lucas and VIP series .


Head quartered in France , Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures preamplifiers and processors featuring exclusive loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D sound technologies for high-end Hi-Fi & Home Theaters, Professional Studios and Movie Theaters.

Trinnovs Ovation 2 is a next generation cinema processor. Trinnov simplifies and improves the whole room equalization process. Their advanced loudspeaker/room optimization algorithms allow cinema installers to reach high-fidelity sound quality in record time. An achievement that they could only dream of a few years ago. Ovation2, is a brand new power supply designed with the highest requirements in mind to offer better overall performance and stability in compliance with the world most demanding specs and certifications.


Ionos Networks is headquarted in USA, partner for Barco value added products, has some unique solution for Theater and premium home segment movie watching.


Live Reach Media is headquartered in USA. The company provides lobby & signage solutions along with motion analytics platform. This equips our clients & advertisers with unprecedented insights. Their services support in generating additional revenue to the lobby area with targetted time slots for best returns & revenue generations to the client.


Cinicloud is an end to end integrated platform for theatre management, ticketing fulfillment and delivery including all other services like locations management, movie cataloging, screen management, seat layout management, finance management, reporting and analytics that would be needed by the administrators of a chain of the theatre spread across locations.


CRJ, with their vast on site experience in creating over 50 plus multiplex screens in India, provide design suggestions in line with approval norms of theatre and end to end aid in project execution.

CRJ provides:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Estimation and Tendering ü Execution
  • Hand-over on time
  • CRJ’s Area of Expertise

  • Multiplexes
  • Single to multi screen conversion.
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Office Spaces
  • Restaurants

  • Midas Flicks

    Midas Flicks - Lead by a team of pioneer in Digital Cinema Industry, they specialise in both Video and Audio. They provide the best products and support in Digital Cinema Industry. Their vision is to provide unique Digital Cinema solutions and Experience that is inimitable in this industry. We provide our services and maintain the cinemas as per the norms of DCI- SMPTE.

    Our range of premium services, include: Execution of cinemas, supplying projectors, screens, and seating.

  • Design and implementation of sound insulation ,acoustic treatment work for movie theaters, studios and conference halls.
  • Execution of remote control advertising and content screens, in the interior and exterior of cinemas, shopping centers, and along traffic thoroughfares.
  • Design and implementation of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, from water parks to amusement parks.


    Mumbai based expert team Aditya Turnkey Project Private Limited has got an vast experience in design, construction and execution of cinema theaters and lobbies. With over 200 screens experience for major cinema chains like Inox & Carnival in India, they deliver quality venues for movie watchers.


    We are crazily passionate about creativity, marketing and digital marketing.. Our philosophy and experience is “allow us to break typical patterns and have individual approach to each client”.

    We unite professional teams which consists of designers, developers, copy writers, producers, event managers and many others. This fact allows us to fulfill all projects inside the agency qualitatively and operatively.

    We position ourselves as a 360-degree marketing and communication agency offering services that cover the main fields of modern communication, such as creative services, marketing consulting, digital marketing, rural marketing, public relations, e-comm solutions and more. Wattlogic launched next generation advertising, first time in the south indian movie industry. We offer digital brand integration in movies and television sereials using PCGI - Photorealistic Computer Generated Imagery using artificial intelligence software platform.


    AIRVIBE.TV is a online television channel, we broadcast live & recorded programs. We primarily broadcast programs simultaneously across all major social media platforms (youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram etc) across the world. Our services include video on demand and media interactions for various industries from film, corporate, research institutes, education etc.

    AIRVIBE.TV primary focus on Live streaming - will establish a engagement with your audiences who are not present during the conference / seminar, also provides a extended brand reach and wider audience potential. The content of the conference / seminar also available online as video on demand for a future access at any point time resulting in richer usage of content and available on searches. The live streaming provides an instant interaction from the relevant audiences resulted in better analytics tracking which allows to position ahead of competition.

    AV Vision

    An Egypt based company ,also present in Dubai is a Film master production, encryption data transmission and digital film preparation company catering to cinemas in Egypt.

    AVvision provides a range of premium services, including:

    1. Creation, design, execution of cinemas, supplying projectors, screens, and seating in UAE & Africa.
    2. Provision of engineering designs and cinema decor.
    3. Secure encryption and film transfer.
    4. Film master production, encryption and data transmission, and digital film preparation.
    5. Design and implementation of audio, dubbing and radio studios.
    6. Design and implementation of sound insulation and treatment work for movie theaters, studios and conference halls.
    7. Design, supply, and execution of aircraft, cars and virtual shooting field simulations.

    Design, supply, execution of multiple effects cinemas 4DX DBOX 9D.

    Unique X

    Unique X is a new brand for the future of digital cinema, providing intelligent autonomous solutions and content services.

    Unique X operates in 70 countries globally. To date, more than 75 million GB of data have been transferred, and over 62 million advertising playlists have been delivered.

    Solutions include RosettaBridge TMS, RosettaNet Estate Management System, Movie Transit (DCP Content Delivery Network), Basekey (KDM management), RosettaPOS (Point of Sale), RosettaLive (Event Streaming) and our pre-show products of Advertising Accord, Ad Transit and Smart Trailering.

    Uniquex allows the theatre owners to Gain complete control with an automated workflow for pre- show & post – show operations. Uniquex has partnered with major Hollywood studios like Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros offering their solution.

    Their TMS ensures complete automated workflow of theatre chains. Be it activities like prescheduling of movies, organizing KDMs, scheduling of trailers, advertisement, integration of scheduled movies to the website, ticketing platform up to the POS terminal. A cinema manager will be able to run centralized and autonomous operations. Integration of hardware's to the system also gives alert for Preventive & regular maintenance of cinema equipment in theatres.