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Promidas smart parking system is a cloud based technology which helps the Exhibitors/clients to seamless control vehicle access at the entry and exit & operate payment system at ease .

Promidas parking solution works on any platform like web, Android and ios, it also helps to manage the any vehicle park entry and exit efficiently without human intervention. The main component of this system is scanning machine and the data gathered by in a database as a meta-data and it enables to manage payments like anyother digital payment system.

The traditional physical server is already moving toward a cloud server.

In future, cloudcomputing service will be inevitable to live in the smart city with the internet quality development. It will make it easy to access to the program from every places.

An End-to-End Parking Management System

Promidas Smart Parking System is a unique parking management solution. Suitable for all types of parking areas, it digitizes end-to end parking processes including multi-tenant, multi-level parking.

It is integrated with visitor management systems and access control hardware. Extremely useful for shared parking spaces, the solution automates day-to-day processes such as auto-identifying appropriate parking slots - be it reserved or pay-and-park, auto-generating parking tickets, levying penalties, and many more.

Key factor on our parking system are

  • QR code-based passes are instantly auto-generated for a visitor.
  • Parking passes generated can be on pay-&-park or a monthly pay basis.
  • One payment for all parking system
  • No Manual access or override to avoid tampering or false data.
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